What is EBechana?

EBechana is a online free classified platform to connect a customer to customer based on their requirements. It also helps businesses to create their own store for free. Customer or a Business user can create unlimited ads. Their will be no fee for ads.

How it works for you?

Create an Account

Create an account with your mobile number.

Post Free Ad

Post a new ad with an attractive title and photo to catch the people's attention.

Make as featured

Featured ad will be our first priority in the listing. Get cashback, If your product sold out with in time.

How people save money?

Every person will have some reauirements on small and big goods. In that some of the goods are new and some of it are old. When ever buying some old goods needed a report to wheter to buy or not. We will help you out to find so better goods with brand new feature. We are enabled advanced ad posting mechanisms to help you to find better ad postings.

How we help?

  • We are using the best ad optimization for showing your ad to right customer and follow up with perfect communicational methods.
  • One of the best web pattren image placement.
  • We are one of the best free classifieds provider in india.
  • Easy ad featuring with low budget is a wonderful opportunity for business users.
  • We have 24 X 7 customer support to solve your issues and support customer to add content.
  • Unilimited ads posting is the one of the best feature in Ebechana. Most of the people are interested to list their products online.